Other things you can do around


Shooting in Rogart is offered by Tressady estates

Roe Buck stalking is available for two months during May and June. Roe doe stalking can be arranged during the season between 21 October and 31 March.

Red Deer stalking is available from the end of September to 20 October. Stalking is for one rifle per day normally on five days each week accompanied by the Estate stalker. Stags are taken of the hill with Glenalmond all terrain vehicle. Hind stalking is also available from 21 October onwards.


River bank fishing is available on the River Fleet [map], a small spate river with runs of salmon and sea trout from mid July onwards to the end of the season on 15 October. Occasional salmon may also be caught on the Upper Brora.

Hill loch fishing for brown trout is available on four hill lochs, [map] two of which have boats. Yves Loch, within a few minutes walk of Tressady lodge [link, map], offers exciting fishing for hard fighting stocked rainbow trout. Loch Bad na h Erba [link, map] offers boat or bank fishing for brown trout.

Archaeology & Heritage

Rogart has been inhabited for countless generations. As you walk through the countryside you will become aware of many piles of stones, hummocks and bumps in the land below your feet. These are often the remains of a building left by our ancestors who lived along the hillsides thousands of years ago. They built impressive burial chambers, cairns, and substantial houses that now remain as hut circles, dating from around 1500BC. Few areas can boast of a larger number of prehistoric remains.

During medieval times in Rogart, small scale farming occurred in almost every glen and people lived by a clan or feudal system. The Highland clearances changed this way of life forever in the early and mid 1800's.

Rogart Heritage has a publication of the life and times in the parish. Mainly about the 20C, it also contains stories from previous times and personal recollections of parish people. Available on line, contact John McDonald. Or from Rogart Post Office Stores, Rogart, Sutherland, IV28 3XA.- Tel: 01408 641 200.
John McDonald also conducts heritage guided walks around the area, incuding many points of interest, shortcut paths, hut circles, iron age fort, pictish broch, standing stones and features, granite quarry, clearance settlements. E-mail John McDonald or telephone 01408 641265.