Heritage Information

The Widow Douglas Cairn

A sad winter's tale reported in a letter from J Peacock to Duke of Sutherland Acc. 10225/341 1880 Dec 6th."I regret to have to report that Widow Douglas of Inchoraig [opposite Tressady] whose house Your Grace may remember as being very close to the railway - lost her life on the Hill last week. She took some young cattle to the Kyle Market on Tuesday last - which she sold, and in returning home across the Hills on a very stormy afternoon she appears to have lost her strength and fallen down in the dark, having travelled out of her way a little - her body was found on the evening of Friday within a quarter mile of her own house. She lived alone and her absence created no alarm for the first day or two, as it was supposed she had stayed with some friends about Linside. Enquiry was [504] then made about her, and a party went out in search of her, with the result above mentioned.She was a sister of Mr D Mackay the Ross-shire Road Surveyor - Neil another brother has a lot at Inchcape - and there is a sister Christy who is living near to Neil. Christy Douglas - sister in law of the deceased occupies a small house adjoining that of Widow Douglas - the notes that the poor woman had received for her cattle were found in her pocket and a short distance from where the remains were discovered, her umbrella and shawl were found - the night was very dark and wet."

Spend your vacation in Rogart

Every once in a while, we feel the need to step back, take a deep breath and reconnect with our inner peace. It is hard to lead our hectic lives 24/7 - the stress from work, personal problems and many other issues seem to gather in a bulk that can almost crush us. But the peaceful Rogart invites you to relax in this calming environment and feel the pure air and green nature surrounding you.

Rogart – one of the most appealing villages in Highlands

It is a wonderful place if you are passionate about hiking and your hobby is reading. Get your favourite book and take a long stroll in the surroundings of Rogart – you will discover many green corners that will appeal you and charm your heart. Get a blanket and grab something to eat, for you will just forget how time passes by.

There are many accommodation places in Rogart. From cozy apartments to tiny houses that blend in the local architecture, these are awesome hideaways for those who look for some peace and relaxation. You can even try to write your book here, nobody will disturb the calmness and your mind will finally focus on the ideas that have lingered here for so long, waiting to be released and arranged on paper.

Here in Rogart the local community will encourage you to be active and succeed to lose weight. Although the food is great and the restaurants will pamper your taste buds, you will get rid of the unwanted pounds and Thyromine ingredients will assist you to accomplish your goal. You know that Thyromine works better if you have regular routines of exercises and Rogart is a great place to jog, walk and stroll as often as possible.

Uncover the treasures nearby Rogart

About 50 miles away from this village you will find Cairngorms National Park. As the biggest national park in Britain, this is the spot where you could easily get lost while you will be too busy exploring its beauty. What other therapy would you need, when the wildlife and spectacular scenery are downright soothing your heart? Go for a late summer walk around the castles, rent a boat and explore the Lochs and do whatever your heart tells you to do.

In case you wish to find more about the marine world, head to Macduff Marine Aquarium, this jewel located about 65 miles away from Rogart. You might have been to Moray Firth to spot whales and dolphins, but this tiny artificial aquatic world is a colourful heaven with species that normally live beneath the ocean here. You will find interesting details about jellyfishes, wolf fishes, Norway Lobsters and dozens of other species and you will have to admit that this visit was worth your time.

Spend a few relaxing days in Rogart and you will love every minute lived in this green village. Hop on a train, walk all day long and venture in the area by bike, because you have plenty to see and things you must do in Rogart!